Online Scores

Sheet Music Databases

  • The Americana Collection

    One of the special collections in the Mills Music Library, this database contains some 7,000 titles of sheet musicpublished in 19th-century America. Midwestern publishers are well represented.

  • J. W. Pepper

    The website of this sheet music retailer includes a database of in-print scores.

  • The Popular Sheet Music Collection

    The Popular Sheet Music Collection consists of popular song sheets held by the Mills Music Library and published in the United States since 1900. At present, approximately 10,500 titles have been entered into the database.

  • Sheet Music Collections - Duke University Libraries

    Provides annotated list of links to collections of sheet music of different genres, composers, etc.

  • Wisconsin Sheet Music Database

    This is an index of items housed in the sheet music collection of the Wisconsin Music Archives at the Mills Music Library, University of Wisconsin–Madison. The collection contains music written by Wisconsin composers, published by Wisconsin publishers, and pieces whose subject matter is Wisconsin. The publications date from the late 1850s, extend to the present, and include principally, but not exclusively, popular music traditions.